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vai It would be useful to see a little more of Edmund de Waal's quoted statement. Is he advocating that we (but who?) become more and more insular, more and more provincial, self absorbed in the contemplation of our own belly button?
lnt hello this is a test form Aberystwyth
lnt vai are you live?
lnt bye
Jeffrey Testing
Graham Graham signing in at 1000BST Friday
Graham Welcome to the first live debate to be hosted by Interpreting Ceramics.
Graham This debate will last for one week.
Graham Our first debate is timed to coincide with the Potters Festival at Aberystwyth happening this weekend
Graham We want to know what YOU think the present role and function of festivals and fairs like this is.
Jeffrey Graham, This is Jeff at Cardiff, just about to leave for Aberystwyth, will contact you again when I get there.
Graham You can leave your comments and respond to points made by other here at any time during the week.
Graham Please do drop in on Saturday between 1400 and 1600BST though, when we hope to have a community discussing these issues live in this space!
Graham Do take a moment to read what has been said previously by checking out the 'previously discussed material' button on the welcome page to see how far the conversation has got so far!
Graham Do check out also the 'Some comments to start the debate' section.
Graham We look forward to hearing from you here!
moira Hello here I am hello Graham from Aberystwyth
nigel hi jeff
Jeff This is Jeff just arrived in Aberystwyth
nigel this is Nigel I am already here
Liz What do we think of it so far??
Liz this is a really good do!!
liz something
natasha hello from natasha at Aber festival
jnybravo hi natasha
jnybravo i am in usa, north carolina
jnybravo tiny town of saxapahaw
natasha are you a potter?
jnybravo a newbie
jnybravo just started about a year ago after having a stroke
jnybravo trying to learn
jnybravo loving the journey
natasha i'm kinda new to ceramics about four years now I make figurative work
jnybravo ok, thats great, i have tried a couple pieces of small sculpture
natasha i'm lucky enough to be working on a practice based PhD at the moment in Cardiff, Wales
jnybravo enjoying the festival?
jnybravo sounds interesting. where is home
natasha yes i haven't been before people are beginning to arrive and the excitments growing!
natasha Home will be cardiff from October onwards - just got a post teaching at the art college
jnybravo cool, sounds like your art career is off to a good start
natasha things are beginning to begin! How about you, can you do your ceramics full time?
jnybravo i can when health permits, i make use of all the quality time i have to work on my throwing skills
natasha is the ceramics helping your co ordination ?
jnybravo yes, seems to be
jnybravo helping, i have gotten most of everything back with exception of my balance, which is atrocious
natasha thats wonderful - ceramics is an incredible material isn't it
jnybravo i dont like to throw sitting so i raised my wheel and moved it so i can lean against the wall
jnybravo no more back aches!
jnybravo yes its wonderful
jnybravo the possibilities are endless
jnybravo then after the piece is made, you start creating again with the glazes
jnybravo just wonderful
jnybravo what type of clay do you use?
natasha in my work im trying to integrate the surface and form of the figure - surface can add a totally new dimension
natasha I use st Thomas mainly - i want to learn more about different firings but there so much to it
jnybravo i know, sometimes i dont end up with what i intend to make, but i am never disapointed with the end result
natasha always leads to new things...
jnybravo to create something that may be around for thousands of years
jnybravo its difficult to put the feelings into words
jnybravo hi jeff, welcome
Jeff Thanks for your welcome. I am here at Aberystwyth too and looking forward to the weekend
jnybravo i could not be there in person but i am there in spirit
jnybravo have fun natasha, enjoy the conference, i know you will. i will be back shortly
jnybravo jeff, where is home
jnybravo i am in north carolina, usa
Jeff I am glad of the opportunity to talk to you. I am the editor of Interpreting Ceramics and I have been worrying in case nobody joined our discussion. Home for me is Bridgend, South Wales.
jnybravo ok, are you the nice person thats been sending the emails posts reeminding us of the chat?
Jeff That's me!
jnybravo bounces around the channel.
jnybravo great, nice to chat with you.....sorry to run out right now jeff, but i really must go for a while, i'll be back
Jeff Bye for now
jnybravo good luck with your teaching natasha
jnybravo later
natasha hello from Aber festival
Graham Hi folks...Graham signing in
Graham How is Aber Going?
natasha its growing
Graham In what way?
natasha people - sorry its growing with people and excitment
Graham Sounds good...I was wondering (not having been to it)
natasha first time for me too
Graham Whether it was mainly about potters talking to potters or
Graham Potters talking to the public
Graham or a bit of both?
Jeff Graham, everything is fine and the technology is working. We have made contact with someone in North Caro;ina
natasha don't know yet will report back
Graham Jeff that sounds good..NC is a great place for traditional pottery
Graham A good place to see dozens of potters living and working.
Graham Jeff - did you see my questions to Nat? What do you think of Aber this year?
Graham Sorry about cut off by my ISP
Graham Anyway folks, I am going to sign off for a while now...enjoy the Festival!
natasha Bye graham from us all at Aber
jnybravo heeeelllooo........anybody out there?
jnybravo ooook......c u soon
sc hohoho
RichardGS For some time I have been struggling with the dealing with the difference between functional pottery and ceramic sculpture been grouped together
RichardGS by convenience and not for any esthetic rationale.
natasha hello from Aber festival
natasha Billy Adams has juct given the most entertaining demonstration - wonderfull stuff!!
Jeff Hello everyone, this is Jeff at Aberystwyth on Saturday morning. I am looking forward to meeting up with you this afternoon at 1400 hrs British Summer Time. Until then, I am going to spend sometime seeing what is going on here. Speak to you later.
Hello hello
Penny Hello
natasha Hello from Aber festival
LindaA Ceramics is a fortunate field. There is an interesting amount of technique and process to be learned, but also significant intellectual challenge in making work that speaks to other people of the artists values. Fine Arts (with a big A Art) looks down on crafts as a field of mindless techies in love with their materials, while Art deals with ideas as the primary concern. But I think they do
LindaA But I think they dont get it. Technique and process lets us do shop talk, socialize, learn from each other. We can do this w/o the past cloak of trade secrecy because the value in the work is in the personal artistic decisions in the work that give it meaning, not the tech details. Its the live decisions of the artist, not the secret yellow glaze that make the work have value.
LindaA All the process talk makes clay people a strong community of networkers. The pottery fairs are an excuse to get together, learn some things, but most of all exercise community and get invigorated by the diversity and strength of the field, make new contacts.
LindaA Painters and sculptors dont have this in the same way. Clay requires early on that you share equipment, and it socializes the people who follow it. In the U.S. the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts has done important work in helping advance the state of ceramics education through group work and networking.
LindaA Wish I was at the festival!

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