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Speak for yourself

Who speaks for whom? Can a writer hope to speak on a maker's behalf? Or are makers themselves the only ones who can speak authoritatively about what they do?

The Speak for Yourself project is designed to encourage makers to take the initiative and write about their own practice. A successful day seminar was held at Bath Spa University on 16th September 2005, when thirty makers came together to discuss some of the problems and opportunities presented by being asked to speak for yourself. If you make ceramics of any kind you can join in this project by entering the competition below.


A future issue of Interpreting Ceramics will be devoted to articles written by makers about their work. We welcome submissions that deal with any aspect of the process of making ceramics or that explore, analyse or reflect on any issues that the work raises. The focus may be on something particular to the work or something of more general concern. Submissions can be accompanied by visual material, e.g. still images or video clips. Contributions can be of any length with no upper or lower word limit. All submissions are eligible for one of the competition prizes. Submissions will be judged anonymously.

Prizes will be allocated as follows:

  • £750 for students who are currently enrolled at a UK university or higher educational institution or who graduated from their courses during 2005. This prize is awarded by the HEAD Trust.
  • £750 open competition for any makers in ceramics anywhere in the world, sponsored by ICRC.

The money for both these prizes will be distributed by the panel of judges according to the number and quality of entries. The panel will consist of members of ICRC joined by Edmund de Waal.

Deadline for submissions: Friday 18 th November 2005.

Guidelines for submission: All submissions should be typed and double-spaced.

Author details should include: name, institution where appropriate, postal address, e-mail and contact telephone number. If you are a student it is essential that you give the name of your college or university and date when you expect to graduate (or have graduated, if in 2005).

Submissions should be e-mailed to: Or post to Dr Jeffrey Jones, Centre for Ceramic Studies, Cardiff School of Art and Design, UWIC, Howard Gardens, Cardiff CF24 0SP, UK


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Speak for Yourself is an initiative of ICRC (Interpreting Ceramics Research Collaboration), a collaborative group of staff from Bath Spa University, University of the West of England, Bristol, University of Wales, Aberystwyth and University of Wales Institute, Cardiff.


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We are grateful to SW Arts and to the HEAD Trust for funding for this project.