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In this issue of Interpreting Ceramics we are publishing papers presented at the College Art Association in New York on 16 February 2007. At this event five emerging ceramicists gave presentations about their work. However, all five of the speakers went beyond a discussion of their own particular interests to consider the unpredictable and fluid boundaries that the field of ceramics offers to the contemporary artist.

The debate in New York was informative and stimulating and we would like to invite you to continue that debate. We welcome your thoughts in response to anything that you read and we would particularly encourage you to think about what Mary Drach McInnes refers to in her 'Welcome' text as the 'wet space of ceramics'. How fluid is the field of ceramics and what do we now expect the term 'ceramics' to encompass?

To make your contribution please use the form on our Registration and Feedback page. We are offering a 'moderated discussion' rather than a live debate, so your text will not appear immediately on the Interpreting Ceramics web site. We shall endeavour to publish as much as possible of the material that you submit but we reserve the right to edit where appropriate, for example, on the grounds of length of contribution.   We shall only publish your name and any institutional affiliation that you specify and none of your contact details will be passed on to others.

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Introduction from
Walter McConnell

Welcome from
Mary Drach McInnes

On Function and Content

by Sanam Emami

Courting Risk

by Linda Sormin

Conspicuous Consumption

by John Byrd

Functional Languages

by Anders Ruhwald

Towards Incongruence

by Michael Jones McKean

Edited conversation, discussion panel

Listen to the speakers presentations (mp3 files)

Walter McConnell

Linda Sormin

John Byrd

Michael Jones McKean

Anders Ruhwald

Sanam Emami

The complete recording of session number CA07-054 (“Ceramics: Five Emerging Artists Survey the Discipline”)and other sessions from the 95th Annual Conference of the College Art Association may be purchased online by going to the Conference Media web site.

Eddie Hopkins
(obituary by Ron Wheeler)

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