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Ceramics Education Call for submissions


In 2009 we are planning to publish a special issue of Interpreting Ceramics on the theme of ceramics education. We invite submissions for possible publication from all parts of the world. Potential articles could focus on any aspect of ceramics education, from the university sector to small scale projects. We particularly want to reflect the range of approaches occurring internationally. We welcome submissions of groups of articles focusing on a particular country or region, as well as submissions from individual authors. Please see our Submissions Guidelines page for advice on the preparation of your text.

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Gender and Ceramics: Old Forms and New Markets

by Moira Vincentelli

Indigenous Knowledge Systems (IKS) & Zulu Ceramic Arts: Azolina MaMncube Ngema, One Woman’s Story

by Elizabeth Perrill

Barvas Ware: Women Potters of Barvas, Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides.

by Kate Wilson

The Pottery of Northern Ghana

by Anna Craven

The Role and Status of Women in the Pottery-Making Traditions of the Western Balkans

by Richard Carlton

Coalpot and Canawi: Traditional Creole Pottery in the Contemporary Commonwealth Caribbean

by Patricia Fay

An Angolan Heritage: The Ceramics of Helga Gamboa

by Helga Gamboa

Dialogues with Tradition in the Ceramics of Eytan Gross

by Nurith Kenaan-Kedar

Sankofa exhibition at Manchester, review

by Angharad Thomas

Sankofa exhibition at Aberystwyth, review

by Kathy Talbot and Louise Chennell

Searching For Beauty, Richard Jacobs, book review

by Conor Wilson

Review of the event 'Richard Jacobs and Jeffrey Jones in conversation in Cardiff

by Natasha Mayo

Breaking the Mould, book review

by Alison Britton

Kiln Building, Jo Finch, book review

by Tom Barnett


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Ceramics Education Call for submissions • Issue 10