During the week of Friday 4th July to Friday 11th July 2003 you will be able to contribute to a live debate through these pages. This week includes the weekend of the Aberystwyth International Ceramics Festival (4th – 6th July), which takes place every two years in Aberystwyth, Wales, UK. Computers will be available at the festival for festival-goers to make their contribution but anyone is welcome to join in the discussion. To start the debate off we are inviting comments on the role of ceramic festivals and the ways that they impact on ceramic practice. The debate will be truly ‘live’ with contributions appearing instantaneously on the web site.

We are also launching another initiative through this issue of Interpreting Ceramics, which is the Researching Ceramics Online Database. The database is developing around a series of focussed projects, subjects, events or series of events and activities. The first of these projects, on the studio potter Michael Cardew, provides a template for the initial testing of the database. The database and its possibilities will be demonstrated at the Aberystwyth festival but anyone can try it out online and use the live debate to comment on its potential usefulness.

Please use this link to access the achived debate.

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