The Welsh Dresser: A Case Study

Moira Vincentelli

  Appendix 1


Wedding present list transcribed from the handwritten original.

Mr and Mrs T.D.Morgan
Pen y Wern
Llanwrtyd Wells
April 15th 1924

Our list of wedding presents

table cloth Sally 1
brass Candlesticks, half teaset, tea,dessert and tablespoons Mair 2
half dozen chairs (2 arm and 4 small) Father 3
2 tables and sofa Dai 4
silver teapot Tom and Alice 5
photoframe Doreen 6
pair ornaments John 7
copper kettle Nellie and Joe 8
biscuit barrel (silver top) Mary and Arthur 9
half doz. teaspoons Norma 10
Cake Stand (silver) Martha and Bob 11
Cruet Stand (silver) George and Nan 12
marmalade jar (silver top) Elva 13
half doz. egg cups Mair, Betty and Peggy 14
pair vases John (Parkyshut) 15
sugar basin and cream jug Annie Davies 16
pair glass vases Mrs Davies 17
pair bedroom pictures Mrs A. John 18
coal scuttle Lil and J.M.Symons 19
tureen and stand Mrs Spencer Griffiths 20
tapestry table cover Mr J.A.Davies 21
glass dish Miss A.Evans (Cilrhydyn) 22
coffee pot and hot water jug Miss M.and M.J.Morgan 23
1 doz. stainless steel knives Mr and Mrs C Jenkins 24
alarm clock Mr.B.Thomas Watchmaker25
washstand and dressing table
with ware and pictures
Mam (Brynteg) 26
mirror for dressing table May 27
dresser Father 28
teaset J.J.Morgan 29
couch and fire irons B.Morgan 30
flower pot Mrs Eynon (Wallis) 31
teapot set Mrs Harris 32
pair pictures Morgan 33
pair glass candlesticks Mrs Stewart 34
lamp Mrs Harris 35
set pictures 3 bedroom Mrs Pritchard 36
glass dish Rhoda 37
dinner set Nora 38
cheque £1 Mrs Job 39
cheque £1 Mrs Davies Lardore 40
table cloth and tray cloth Jenkins 41
half doz stainless knives(ten) Mrs Phillip Woodstock 42
table cloth Mrs James (draper) 43
Tray and mirror Mr and Mrs Higgins 44
glass fruit dish Mrs Childs 45
pair sheets P.C.Morgan
pair large ornaments Will and M.J. 46
3 glass salt cellars Lolli 47
glass fruit dish Mrs Wiffin 49
money gift (2/6) Mr Reynolds High St. 50
glass dish Mrs Watkins 51
cheese stand Master Bowen 52
tray cloth Jack and Sybil Harper 53
glass fruit dish Mr and Mrs Page 54
jam dish, pair towels and kettle holder Mrs Evans 55
money gift 5/- Mrs Davies 56
hymn book (Tom Sunday School class) 57
table cloth Mrs Nicholas (Clydach) 58
half doz. forks(desert) Nancy Bateman 59
money gift 2/6 Mrs Salmon 60
1 pair brass c'sticks Mrs Harris (Trebover) 61
cup and saucer Meima 62
1 pair lace cushion covers, 1 pair blankets Miss May Evans (Bethesda) 63
10/- (bought kitchen lamp) Mrs Edwards (Main St) 65
teapot stand Mattie 66
counterpane Mrs Owen (Dinas Island) 67
pair white turkish towels Mrs Jones (Emporium) 68
afternoon teacloth Mrs Philip Evans Rushlade 69
flower pot Mrs Owen Griffiths 70

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Appendix 1


The Welsh Dresser: A Case Study • Issue 1