Issue 11 • 2009

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Ceramics in the West Midlands in the Late 18th Century: Production and Consumption through the Eyes of Katherine Plymley

by Jo Dahn

National Identity and the Problem of Style in the Post-War British Ceramic Industry

by Graham McLaren

Pushing the Boundaries of Ceramic Art Tradition in Nigeria: Notes on the ‘Suyascape’ Project

by Ozioma Onuzulike

Ceramics Without the Ceramics: Material Exploration in New Territories

by Jane Webb

Studio Pottery in Britain 1900-2000, book review

by Graham McLaren

Confrontational Ceramics, book review

by Garth Clark, followed by a response by the author Judith S. Schwartz and comments from our readers

Zelli Porcelain Award 2009, competition review

by Peter Holmes



NB. A Word document is available to download at the end of each article.


  Articles & Reviews • Issue 11