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The Romance of Old Blue: collecting and displaying Old Blue Staffordshire China in the American Home c.1870-1938

Anne Anderson


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Subversive Ceramics

Claudia Clare

Clashing with Clay Mother: Pueblo potters who subvert the tradition

Moira Vincentelli

The Romance of Old Blue

Anne Anderson

Ceramics in Higher Education

Lauren Hadley

From Ceramics to the Bronze Age:

Commercializing Sculpture in the United Kingdom and on the Continent – A Juxtaposition
Part lI

Isabel Hufschmidt

Bloomsbury in Dorset


James King


David Cushway, review of exhibition at Soanes House

Pippa Galpin, book review

Sarah Gee, review of Julian Stair exhibition

Kate Wilson, exhibition review

Tessa Peters, review of Christie Brown exhibition

Kate Wilson, book review


NB. A Word document is available to download at the end of each article.

Appendix 1: Hurst Provenances

A M Burritt, NY, 1903
Catalogue of historical blue china ..., antique Chinese porcelains and scarce etchings and prints collected during the last thirty years by A. Melrose Burritt, Waterbury, Connecticut, American Art Galleries New York, 25th and 26th March 1903

Charles L. Pendleton, Providence 1904
Charles Leonard Pendleton of Providence, RI (1846-1904). After his death pieces were bequeathed to the Rhode Island Historical Society.  Pictures of the house at No.72 Waterman Street; Antiquarian, V: 3, Oct 1925: 23-25. 

E.B. Holden NY 1910.           
Edwin Babcock Holden, Part II Rare Historical China and Other American, American Art Association. April 21-May 5 1910

Thomas E.H. Curtis, NY, 1912 and 1919 also collected antiquities and oriental wares.
Staffordshire pottery, European porcelain and miscellaneous objects of art. Anderson Galleries.ND.

F.C. Morse, NY, 1912 Frances Morse, daughter of Emma Morse
Historical China and other objects …Miss Frances Clary Morse, American Art Association, NY, March 6 1912.

J.T. Whiting, Boston, 1912.
Catalogue of antiques including the balance of the collection of the late J. T. Whiting of Dorchester, April 1-6. Boston: C. F. Libbie, 1912.

Albert A Merritt, NY, 1913
Bronzes, marbles, porcelains, Early American furniture, glass bottles, historical blue china. Anderson Galleries,1913.

Dr Pleasant Hunter, NY, 1913 and 1915 and 1920
Illustrated catalogue of Historical Blue and White China …collected by the connoisseur Dr Pleasant Hunter of Newark NJ. China authenticated by Dr Edwin Atlee Barber, American Art Gallerie NY, January 30-February 1 1913.

Mrs C.W. Samson NY 1913
Collection of the late Mrs Clarissa W. Samson of West Medford, Mass. American Art Galleries/American Art Association, January 1-9 1913.

C.E. Locke, 1916
The Extensive Collection of Charles E. Locke….Catalogue…American Art Association, May18-24 1916.

A. D. Bernard NY 1917
Catalogue of rare and choice specimens of Old Staffordshire historical blue and white china, Oriental porcelains, textiles and other objects.American Art Association, May 1-2 1917.

Miss Florence J. Chauncey, 1917           
Florence Isabel Chauncey of Brooklyn. Catalogue of rare and choice specimens of Old Staffordshire Historical Blue, American Art Association, May 1-2 1917.

Charles H Miller, NY, 1918.
Rare and choice specimens of old English and American china, rare color-glass, old Dutch copper and brass and other interesting specimens, American Art Association, Nov 25-26, 1918.

Edwin Isham and George Devoll  NY 1919
Fine Antique Furniture and other artistic properties of the amateurs Messrs Edwin Isham and George Devoll, American Art Association, Nov 15 1919.
HFDP purchase see Bill

Charles Bellows, NY, 1920.
Catalogue of books on China and pottery, autographs and New York views ; the collection of Mr. Charles Bellows of Brooklyn, New York.American Art Association. March 29 1920.

Frederick William Hunter 1920
Rare and beautiful Oriental art treasures and Anglo-American china and American glass. American Art Association, January 7-14, 1920.

Fifth afternoon's sale of the noteworthy collection of Frederick William Hunter. Staffordshire pottery, American Art Association January 12 1920.

Mrs E. Sutton, NY, 1920

William Lanier Washington, NY, 1920
Illustrated catalogue of original letters and documents, statuary, medallions, snuffboxes, watches, clocks, silver and other relics or memorabilia of or belonging to George Washington. To be sold without reserve or restriction by order of Mr. William Lanier Washington on Friday and Saturday, Feb. 6th and 7th, 1920, American Art Association, February 6-7 1920.

Mrs Franklin Bartlett, NY, 1921
Antique English, American and French silver, gold and silver snuffboxes, bronzes, medals, china ... a collection of watches ... valuable modern silver, American Art Association,  Nov 14 1918.

Illustrated catalogue of the collection of early American, English, and French furniture : including examples by Duncan Phyfe and Thomas Goddard ... formed by the late Mrs. Franklin Bartlett of New York. American Art Association, January 13-14 1921.

L.G. Myers, 1921.
Illustrated catalogue of ... early American and English furniture and othercontemporaneous treasures : ... formed by ...Mr. Louis Guerineau Myers of New York. February 24-26 1921.
The private collection of the late Louis Guerineau Myers. Duncan Phyfe; Sheraton and Hepplewhite; rare pewter, glass, porcelains, hooked and Oriental rugs.
Appreciation by R. T. H. Halsey April 7-9 1932.

Guy Morrison Walker, New York, 1921

J. Louis Isaacs, New York, 1922.
Selections from the collection of J. Louis Isaacs, Old English and early American pewter, European and early American porcelain, pottery and glass, Chinese Lowestoft, Wedgwood ware, blue and white, historical china, Sheffield plate and fine silver, shawls, samplers, ornaments, Oriental rugs, early American furniture. Anderson Galleries.

Jacob Paxson Temple, NY 1922
Early American Glass, Dutch Pottery, lustre, historical china./..Jacob Paxon Temple, Chester County, Pa., Anderson Galleries, March 1-3 1923.

William Whiting Nolen 1923 1924
The collection of the late William Whiting Nolen of Cambridge, Mass. Pt.1 Early American and Anglo-American furniture and objects of art. To be sold ... Oct. 29th, 30th, 31st- Nov.1st American Art Association, October 29-November 1, 1923.

Collection of William Whiting Nolen Part 3: 18th and 19th century American furniture, blue and white Staffordshire ware with American views, fine examples of lustre ware, Whieldon, Wedgwood, Saxe, Bow, Lowestoft, Staffordshire figures, English and American paintings of the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, early Stiegel and Wistarburg glass. American Art Association. March 6-8 1924.

Mabel Wright 1925, Part 2 Nov 13th
Lustre ware-Staffordshire- Lowestoft- Liverpool including the exceptional collection of Miss Mabel Wright, Shelton, Connecticut. Part 2, The Anderson Galleries, Nov 16-17, 1925.

George Kellogg, 1925
Historical Old Blue Staffordshire…the collection of the late George Kellogg, Amsterdam, New York, New York: American Art Association, November 6-7 1925.

Alexander M. Hudnut, 1926
The Hudnut Collection Old Blue Staffordshire and other china of historical interest; Historical Old Blue Staffordshire Also Staffordshire decorated with Dr Syntax and Wilkie Views and some miscellaneous china of historic interest and value. American Art Association, Thursday November 4, 1926.

Richard Guinea, 1934.
English furniture and decorations...collection of Richard Guinea: Staffordshire and Rockingham ware, Dresden, Spode and other porcelains....October 19-20 1934.

J. C. Tomlinson NY 1935
A splendid collection of early blue Staffordshire china….property of Mrs John Canfield Tomlinson, Jr, of New York, American Art Association, Dec 4 1935.
HFDP one piece bought see Bill           

Winthrop Brown, NY, 1937,
American furniture, silver, glass, Chinese porcelains and pottery, blue Staffordshire, Oriental Lowestoft, transfer-printed and lustred ware, Delft pottery, Oriental rugs ; the collection of Mr. & Mrs. G. Winthrop Brown, Boston, Mass. American Art Association, January 22-23, 1937.

Charles Woolsey Lyon Inc, NY.


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Catalogues (by date)

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Historical Old Blue Staffordshire…the collection of the late George Kellogg, Amsterdam, New York, New York: American Art Association, November 6-7th 1925

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Mary Margaret Yeager Sale, Parke-Bernet, New York, March 20th  1943.           

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Part II October 24,25,26,27th, 1944.

Mrs J Amory Haskell collection sold 1944-45
Mrs J Amory Haskell Part I Parke-Bernet, April 26th, 1944
Part II May 17 and 18th, 1944.
Part III Oct 11 and 12th, 1944
Part IV Nov 8 and 9th, 1944.
Part V NY Dec 7 and 8th, 1944
Part VI NY, Feb 13-4th, 1945.


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