Issue 15 • 2013


Interpreting Ceramics
  Articles and Reviews

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Subversive Ceramics

Claudia Clare

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Clashing with Clay Mother: Pueblo potters who subvert the tradition

Moira Vincentelli

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The Romance of Old Blue

Anne Anderson

Ceramics in Higher Education

Lauren Hadley

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From Ceramics to the Bronze Age: Commercializing Sculpture in the United kingdom and on the Continent – A Juxtaposition
Part ll

Isabel Hufschmidt

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Bloomsbury in Dorset


James King



David Cushway, review of exhibition at Soanes House, Marking the line: Ceramics and Architecture

Pippa Galpin, book review, A Theory of Craft; Function and Aesthetic Experience by Howard Risatti

Sarah Gee, review of Julian Stair exhibition, The Matter of Life and Death

Kate Wilson, review of Mirka Golden-Hann exhibition, The Expressive Vessel

Tessa Peters, review of Christie Brown exhibition, Dreamwork

Kate Wilson, book review, The Invention of Craft by Glenn Adamson

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